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The products we offer make the difference.  No more wrapping paper, candy, candles, or magazines.  People actually use, and are SEARCHING for these great fundraising tools!  "Give 'em what they want."

Available Fundraising Tools

Nutrition and Kids Video Game
Helps prevent child obesity, and diabetes.
Teaches kids proper nutrition habits, etc.

Cost to consumer:  $19.95
Organization gets $5 for each CD sold.

A must-have for elementary schools, day cares, and all parents.

Product # 1
3 day 2 night Getaway Certificate*
The holder of this certificate is entitled (2 adults over 21, and up to 2 children under 18) to 3 days & 2 nights, at their choice of 20+ locations, in deluxe hotel accomodations (Holiday Inn, Sheraton, etc.).  Their cost is simply a $10 processing fee, fully refundable deposit of $50, and the cost of sales tax per night.
Recommended Donation:  $10
Product #2
3D dollar sign
$1,000 Online Shopping Spree
Gift Certificate
Recommended donation:  $10-$25
Consumer uses certificate to purchase from
Only has to pay shipping and handling.
No time requirements on spending the $1,000.
Perfect for Christmas Shopping.
Product # 3
New 2
3D dollar sign
Self-Installed Home Security System Certificate*

Certificates Redeemable with Safety Bureau, Inc.
2-Way voice
Hostage Alert
1,000 ft. range
Child alert

Recommended Donation:  $10-$25

Product # 4
2 for 1 Cruise Certificate*

Special cruise discount through Carnival, Norwegian, and Royal Carribean.
Pay for ONE cruise, second person goes for free (must pay state required port tax).
Saves consumer $500-$1500
Choice of 7 Cruise packages to Bahames, Carribean, etc.

Recommended Donation:  $10

Product # 5

All certificates cost:
$3.00 1-500
$2.50 500-1,000
$2.00 1,000+

Donations sought are left up to each organization's discretion.
We recommend at least $10 for each.

Mix and match your orders of certificates (in multiples of 50) to add variety to your fundraiser.

*Note:  Some certificates may qualify for a gift of additional free certificates.

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